Hello Friend, Welcome to Orange Blossom Quilts

Glad you stopped by. We are happy to get to know you and share our love of all things quilty. 

I'm Deanne, single mom by choice, shop owner, longarm quilter, and fabric addict (Oops, I mean fabric stash curator, lol.)

Why Orange Blossoms?  I remember the sweet smell of orange blossoms on the breeze years ago.  Horseback riding through the orange groves is what Springtime and Summer were all about back then. Orange Blossoms represent happy days and a simpler time - days full of fun, carefree activities.  

As a single mom quickly coming up on 50 (Oh My), quilting brings back some of those same carefree feelings. Focused on getting those seams straight and keeping everything lined up and on track, I take a break from the stress of everyday.  Standing at my 18" non-computerized, non-stitch regulated Gammill (whose name is Roscoe), I let go of my troubles and think about swirls and pebbles and flowers. The process of creation is incredibly therapeutic for me. I hope you feel the same way too.

I live with a genetic migraine disability.  For my entire life, normal activities have been overshadowed with a daily fear of getting a migraine.  Even vacations had to be planned to accomodate the "coming down" headache I was sure to get on the first day of vacation.

I am finally learning that I need to live a life that makes me happy and doesn't cause extreme stress through unreachable goals, unrealistic expectations and unappreciative bosses.

Orange Blossom Quilts is about me and my boy. It's about doing what makes me happy in such a way that I can share my love of quilting.  It's about being home to do homework, make dinner, go to games and performances. It's about being present in the daily raising of my son. It's about knowing what's important and putting that first.

Welcome to Orange Blossom Quilts, we are happy that you are joining us for this adventure and we look forward to getting to know you.